Orientation Camp 2017



This activity is a two-day camp that was held in outskirt in Hsinchu‭. ‬In order to promote the relationship between fresh men's‭. ‬The topic of this activity was American cartoon‭. ‬So we use comic grid as a material of the series works‭. ‬And the main graphic was combined by sketch‭, ‬photograph and electronic painting‭. ‬Trying to make it an American cartoon style art‭, ‬which might be surrealism‭, ‬funny and ridiculous‭. ‬Also means that when we are in the outskirt where wifi and signal can't work properly‭, ‬we left our stress behind at the same time‭.‬


For Students‮’ ‬Association of the Department of Visual Communication Design‭, ‬CYUT
Visual Design‭: TungNan Hu‭, ‬WeiGuang Wu‭, ‬JiaWun Huang
Print‭: ‬Inkstyle Wufeng
Year‭: ‬2017